Monday, January 23, 2012

Eat From Here Challenge. Day 1.

I like to get up early, let the chooks out, have a coffee while I go on here for a bit, outside to start the day, in for breakfast then outside again...

This morning the chooks were out by 5.30 so I then picked some sprigs of Chocolate Mint for my morning drink.  It was OKish.  I do like this drink on a hot Summers day but it's a long way from the strong, white coffee I like first thing.  Really, it was not OK and I tipped half into the chook bucket.

I think for this challenge to succeed I am going to have to be organised so I plan on making some food up in the mornings so that it is handy and easy to grab from the fridge.  If it is already made up I will not have to think and will be less likely to wonder what is in the cupboard or freezer.  There are drumsticks in the freezer.  Husband bought them but will be leaving them here with me for a couple of days.  Alone.  There was cheesecake in there too but I'm hoping he ate that!

So this morning I made  up an egg slice thingy.  Seven small eggs and heaps of onion, tomato, capsicum.  Cooked and divided into 3.   That was breakfast and a snack.   I cut up some fruit and made a slushie type drink, froze that in a couple of small bowls to snack on if I felt *deprived*  I had the first one after lunch, it was really nice and there are a few more still in the freezer.

I stick blendered up a whole pile of vegies, added an egg and made patties for lunch.  Well, they were suposed to be patties but some broke and ended up all mushed up.  They still tasted fine.  Could have done with a bit of salt but still...

I have taken stock out, was going to chop up a pile of vegies and make soup/mush for tomorrows lunch but haven't so will do that tomorrow.

Today I have had:
ChocMint Tea.  Half a mug.
Egg slice with onion, tomato, capsicum,
Vegie patties/mush.
Frozen fruit slushy
Vegie patties/mush.  Had the rest just after 5pm.
Frozen fruit mush.
Small bunch of grapes.
Heaps of water, that is my drink of choice.  After the coffee.

If I am not careful there will be too many eggs.  How many is too many though...A dozen over three days is probably too many for 1 person...Hmmm, They are a quick, easy, versatile food but with the egg slice I have already had 4 small ones today. 

I'm pretty sure that I can do this quite easily but I don't know if it will be a healthy way of eating.  Definitely not for long term.  As an experiment over a few days I might get away with it but longterm?  I dunno. I think too many eggs.   If the husband was here to do me a rooster that would mean less eggs would be eaten...Same if I was not so SookyLaLa to catch and cook a marron.

So I have had a whole day of eating nothing except what was grown/produced here.  I have egg slice for tomorrows breakfast and lunch is kinda sorted.  No idea what to have tomorrow night.  Eggs? 

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  1. Eggs will keep your going. If you are not getting fat or cholesterol elsewhere, you are probably not hurting yourself.