Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eat From Here Challenge. Day 3.

Well as you know I caved and had a coffee.  OK, 2 coffees.  The head is good now though, no more aching.
Happy to say that everything else that I ate or drank was from here.

I found some pork chops in the freezer from last year, a pig raised and killed here, so I had them for breakfast.  Had vegies and egg for lunch, some frozen fruit, the last of the veg with another egg for tea.  A couple of bits of fruit.

Having the meat today makes the eating over the last 3 days very close to what I usually eat when the husband is not home.  I do sometimes add salt to food and the chutneys and sauces that I make have bought vinegar in them but a lot of what we eat does actually come from here.  All vegetables are grown here, most of the fruit we eat, a lot of the meat and chicken.  Eggs are from here.  We buy salt, pepper, some spices, milk, tea, coffee, flour, oats, vegemite, milo...We buy heaps of stuff.  But it's that stuff that we buy that adds a bit of yumminess to what we eat.  I don't want to live without coffee.  Or oats or milk...Husband will never give up his coke, or chips, or snack type foods.  And I wont make them because I would eat them more. 

I think this experiment has been like going on a diet.  Once you think you can't have it then you want it even if you haven't eaten it for weeks.  Tell me No! and it's it's like "you can't tell me what to eat or not eat.  I will eat  what I want"  And when it's me telling no to me...well, it's makes it funny.   I chose not to eat bought stuff and straight away I wanted to eat bought stuff even though I don't usually eat much bought stuff...Funny!


  1. Coffee's a killer, isn't it? I only ever went without it once, when I was a student and very broke. Took 3 days and then the headache.

  2. Like you, I suddenly start craving things I normally don't even want or eat, just because I decided to not eat things not good for me. Yes, I rebel against me.