Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eat From Here Challenge. Day 2.

Day 2 and I'm confident that I will get through again without eating or drinking anything from any shop.
I do need to decide what to have for lunch and tonights tea before it actually gets to be lunch or tea time.

Lunchtime and I was going to cook some vegies up in the chicken stock that I took out of the freezer...turns out the stock was actually lentil mush so I didn't use it.  I used the leftover blended veg from yesterday, added some water and cooked the veg in that..  It could have been improved with chutney from last year but that had bought vinegar in it so I went without.

Today's Food:
Egg slice.
Figs.  A few, they were quite dry so maybe need more watering...
Grapes, small bunch.
Apple.  While waiting for vegies for lunch to cook.
Assorted vegies, bowl of.
Frozen fruit mush, bowl of.  This lot has cucumber in it.  Taste good.
Vegies and an egg.
There might be a bowl of fruit before bed, depends on how I feel.

So where's the iron, the calcium, the caffeine...the stuff we need to grow big and strong...Might be some in there but not enough.  I usually have Milo from the spoon to add iron.  Mollasses the same way for the same thing.  I have low Iron and am suposed to take tablets but have run out of them so shouldn't eat like this long term anyway but I will have a plate of liver and onions for my lunch on the day I finish this challenge.  Tomorrow?  Or should I go the whole 3 days like I said I would?   Hmmm, decisions decisions...


  1. Hi Barb that all sounds good iv just been put on to iron tablets , but when you said liver or lambs fry as we were brought up calling it my hand went strait to my mouth eeewwwww lol but i have herd its fantastic to up your iron...

    Blessings Heidi

    1. Up until last year I was the same and would not even try it. It's actually not that bad. I do need lots of onion with it though...


  2. Egg yolks, greens, dried fruits...all iron-rich. Cook in iron pots and pans. Pay attention the heme or non-heme iron. Some foods inhibit iron absorption. Pay attention to those. Tea inhibits absorption of iron.

    1. There was a bit of Silverbeet in there, no dried fruit but lots of fresh and frozen...I should grab a handful of Silverbeet and add it to a smoothie for breakfast.