Friday, January 13, 2012

January, First Week, What I did.

Well this week was a bit of a non happening event.  I had a list and a week to get them done.  Three things were on that list:
**So this weeks list.
Plant seeds.
Pot up Apricot tree. 
Mow backyard.**

I did plant the seeds.

*Weekend -  not a lot done.  Did a bit of mowing but not the area I wanted.
*Monday.- Watered everything.  Planted seeds.  Transplanted some lemon balm into a drum.
Spend amost of the morning doing chook stuff.  Oiled the legs of the AussieRocks again.  Wasted a bit of time looking for and fixing the crates that we transport chooks in.  I was told that someone would call in today and pick up 6 or 10.  I wasn't given a time but thought it would be earlyish as they had a bit of travelling to get home.  It had to be today because Im not home tomorrow.  Around 1 this afternoon I released the chooks as no one had come or rang to let me know what was happening.  The people never showed up and I didn't hear the phone, no messages.   Swapped old eggs for fresh fertile ones under 2 cluckies.
* Tuesday - Work so not home.  Watering and chooks stuff in the morning before work.  Left here quickly after work.  Searched for lost dog from 9pm 'til near midnight.
*Wednesday -  Down in Nannup, not home 'til afternnon.  Animals and watering.
*Thursday - Work so gone all day.  Watering and chook stuff before leaving and again when I get home.
*Friday - watering and chook stuff.  Inside tidy and clean.  It's now 2.30pm, I am expecting someone to call in for eggs and it's too hot outside for me.  Will put away weeks washing soon.  Will hopefully do some mowing later but I might be childminding.

There must have been other stuff done.  If there wasn't then I am a complete SA and deserve to starve!

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