Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zoo Friend.

I sometimes looked after a dog for some friends while they went away and though it never cost us anything and I enjoyed having him she always gave me some money when she picked him up.  It usually gets put away and absorbed into the other money but this time I used it to buy a yearly pass for the zoo.

Smokey was old and unwell and is no longer around so this way everytime that I visit the zoo I will think of him.

Being a Zoo Friend allows me to get in to the zoo for free for any time over the next 12 months so I plan to catch the train and go every couple of months.  I like the zoo and for the $9.00 train fare it will be a cheap and nice day out.

When our kids were younger I used to think that the zoo was a cheap day out but now at a cost of $21 for an adult and $10 or so for kids it wouldn't be.  I think that a pass given as a birthday or Christmas gift would be a good idea but would still add up if buying for a family.  Still a good idea though, espessially if you live close by.

Does anyone here have a pass and if so do you think they are worthwhile?


  1. Hi Barb, Hope you are having a lovely mothers day, the weather is just beautiful, I have been sitting outside. We don't have a pass to the zoo as Kev works for the water Corporation and they sponsor the zoo so we can go twice a year for free. How much is a family pass, a great idea for a gift. I'm thinking of gifts to give that don't clutter up people homes, I'm giving my friend and her husband a SS membership for Christmas, I told her the other day after visiting her and she is a hoarder big time. I said I'm ringing :)She was thrilled I'm buying them a membership to SS We usually send them movie tickets for Christmas.
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. Hi Sherrie. I think a family pass would be expensive. A single pass for me was $75. If Hubby had of got one as well it would have been $65 each. Kids were cheaper, maybe $34. Check out the Perth Zoo site, all the info is on there.
    If I don't go more than 3 time I will be out of pocket but I think I will.

  3. When I was a child in 40s and 50s and a teen in the 60s, the Memphis zoo was free. We could not have afforded admission very often or a pass ever.As it was free, we went to the zoo about twice a month--Overton Park Zoo in Memphis, TN. We could picnic in the park next to the zoo. I have fond memories of the zoo.I am sure there are many children deprived of this wonderful cultural experience because of lack of money.