Friday, May 6, 2011

Front Yard. Beginning of May 2011.

Looking in from the driveway.

We are changing our frontyard and because I am slack I am writing about it here so I will be more likely to work on it and get it finished within a reasonable time.  We have taken down a fence and I now need to dig up and move or get rid of a pile of plants.

 I did take a vidio of this whole area saying what I want to do but I cannot get the thing to upload on to here so I will do it the old fashioned way and will write it down instead.

I have given myself a month, so the end of May, which is plenty of time, especially as it's cooler now and I can be outside longer but I still think I'll need a reminder now and then.  Though walking out the front do will be a constant reminder so I'm thinking this is one job that will be finished ahead of time.
I know the 2 Bougainvilleas will be kept and put out along the front fence.  I like the yellow Cannas but Hubby doesn't and I don't look after them so they are always scraggly looking.  I think I will get rid of them altogether...or plant them out the back paddock and see how they fare.

In my head I can see exactly how I want it to look and if I can get it out and set up for real I will be very pleased with myself.

A few things might hold me back, them being, I don't want to spend any money, I'm not very strong, I'm lazy, I don't want to spend any money...

Nothing insurmountable though.  And I have a month...

Here I am standing on the front verandah, looking East.  Those plants in front all need to go, stuff needs to be put away, those 2 posts need to be dug up and moved back for the new gate.  That's where the gate used to be.

Looking back towards the driveway.  There is an Orange tree to the left, that's staying there.  The logs on the ground to the right is the edging from the old garden.  All those plants along there have to come out and the area needs to be leveled so the grass can grow over.

This is the second Bougainvillea, cut back.  I need to dig a hole near the front fence then dig this up and replant it.

All the plants that you can see here are going to be cut back and replanted somewhere.  Yellow daisy things on the left and the massive pepino on the right.

My original idea for the front area of the house was some pretty flowers that kept replacing themselves, kind of a cottage garden thing.  I am too lazy to keep it under control though and the things that grow there are not what I wanted.  It also gives snakes and other *creatures* a place to hide.   I will go back to grass in front of the house and if it is clear of plants and crap it will be easy enough to just run the mower over it every couple of weeks.  I will still have plants that give some colour, they will be in different areas and I will plant Nasturtiums under the fruit trees.  Hubby will love that!!

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  1. I posted about my outdoor kitchen for the same reason...I knew all my blogging friends would be looking and I wouldn't be able to procrastinate!