Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cold Cure.

Maybe not a *cure* as such but something that kicks any cold I start to get out the door quick smart is a mix I make up and sip on throughout the day.

We've been away for a few days, it was great but wet and windy and I started sneezing and had a few other symptoms so on getting home I made up my *medicine*

It's just a mixture of white vinegar, honey and lemon juice.  I mix the same amount of each, give or take, and drink it down.

It doesn't always taste great but it isn't horrible and it works better than any cough medicine.
I have also made the mixture with added grated lemon zest and extra juice.  Much nicer as the vinegar taste is not as strong.


  1. How much do you drink? That looks like a lot in the glass in front. I was thinking more like taking a tablespoon each time.or is the glass your potion that will last for a few days? Can apple cider vinegar be used instead?

  2. Yes, I make up enough for a day or two then depending on how I feel I either sip on it throughout the day or have a couple of mouthfuls each time. This lot was quite tasty so it was gone with a couple of mouthfuls over the day and I had to make up another lot for the next day. I don't bother putting it in the fridge as I don't like drinking cold stuff so it's made as needed.

  3. yes apple cider vinegar would be healthier...
    sherrie from Simpleliving.