Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mouse in my House.

Going by the racket in the walls last night there is more than1 but as of this morning 2 less.  I hate having to use traps but I hate having mice pooping in the food cupboard more.  Last week the cat was playing with a mouse inside but it escaped.  That could be the one in the cupboard...but there are some out in the shed again and they come in to get warm.  And to eat the icecream cones!  I usually keep all perishables in glass jars but forgot about the cones.  Oh well, we didn't have any icecream to put in them anyway.

I wont use poisonous baits as we have animals and native creatures that we want to stay safe and I wont use anything that will kill them in a horrible way...I have thought of one of those sonic things...has anyone any experience with them?

What I want is a humane, safe way to make them stay away.  Anyone have any ways that have worked for them?

I have read mixed reports on Peppermint oil but as I don't have any I can't test it for myself.  I do have Mint growing so maybe a handful of that thrown in there will work. 

Right, Mint is in the cupboard, I will see how that goes.  If nothing else it will make everything smell nice.


  1. Hi Barb, no those sonic things do not work we have one sitting in our cupboard "what a waste of money that was"just checked the price we paid for it was $88 in 2004. We also had a mouse in the house during the week didn't see it, just its trail of poop where it had been.I'm like you I hate killing them but hate them in our house. We have a humane trap that catches them and you let them go but I think they just come back again.I said to kev perhaps he can drop them off a few kms from here so they wont come back.
    Not sure if you read my comment on your choko blog, I'd love you to come over for a visit, I'll make you lunch or morning tea or both, email me,have you still got my phone number.
    Sherrie from simpleliving :)


  2. No, sonic does not work. I watched a video that showed that the desire for food overcomes the unpleasant sound. If there is no food, the sonic thing works. Oh well!

    I do not mind killing them, but I hate it when I have to clean blood off the walls. Yuck! Trap works for me.

    I read that the pee of a predator will keep them out. Cats on the premise will kill them. (okay, not working too well for you.) Maybe your husband will donate some. Male pee works better than female pee.

    Get a barn cat, a known mouser...worked for me.

    Clear any kind of debris from around outside of house.

    Look inside for the hole where they come in. I did that and sucessfully got rid of the RAT coming into my house. I did not kill him, but he did not try to find another entrance. At least find the cupboard hole...that worked for me with a mouse.

    Would you like it if someone dropped a mouse off at your house...LOL.

    I am not sentimental about pests. So, maybe I should not speak. A mouse to me is like a fly or pantry moth in the house. I live here, not pests who destroy my food or pollute it.

    I won't poison one either.

  3. We have a mouse plague happening here in South Australia and the only way to be rid of them is poison. Even then it is turning into an expensive venture for many farmers who are dealing with millions of the little blighters! We have them under control here atm, hope it continues that way...Coming from the west coast of SA we call them "mompeys!"