Monday, May 30, 2011

Vegetables in May.

End of May is coming up and we are still mainly eating what we have grown ourselves.

I did buy a 10kilo bag of onions from SpudShed the other day for $1.99. and a 10kilo bag of potatoes for $4.99.  I don't usually pay that much for spuds but I was running low and Hubby will be home for a few weeks so thought I'd better.  That is it on the fruit and vege buying front though. 

We are picking and eating spinach, choko, capsicum, tomato, chilli, silerbeet, onion tops, sweet potato, lettuce.
We have pumpkin in the shed and a few on a vine still growing.  Garlic and onion still in the shed.

Fruit that we are picking and eating from here...not a lot.  Apples are finished but we have had a bunch of bananas and a few oranges.  Looking forward to the oranges being completely ripe and having lots.

Eggs.  Chooks have stopped laying or if they are laying we are losing the eggs.  Very disapointed about that.  I resent feeding them when they won't feed me.

Free Food.  We have been given some free food though and that is always a bonus.  Have I mentioned the box of cooked prawns that the son gave us. That might have been last month but there are still heaps in the freezer.  Well anyway, this month he has passed on some pork roasts, decent mince, a few meat pies and some $36 kilo!!!! fillit steak.  He works in the butcher department of a supermaker and sometimes things don't get sold by the use by date and he gets to take some home for himself or his dogs.  I have spoken to him about feeding his dogs good meat so he sometimes *throws his poor old mum a bone*  No complaints about that from me...WoofWoof!!

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  1. If you are growing oranges,it should not be cold enough for the eggs to stop. We have cold winters, so I upped the protein and fat so mine continued to lay all winter. I have three hens and would usually get at least one egg each day, sometimes two or three, and then not even one egg at least one day a week. So, I wonder, why did yours quit laying? I wish I could grow oranges and bananas here.