Monday, April 25, 2011

More On Pineapples.

Well we have finished eating our one and only Pineapple and it was good.  Not too sweet and though it smelled really pineappleally it wasn't too strong a flavour.  I'm not sure what *picked fresh from the plant* Pineapple are supposed to taste like but we really enjoyed ours.  In a few years time we might get some more.  We now have 7 tops or pups in the ground so here's hoping anyway.

But wait, there's more...
I month or so ago I asked the son if he could get me some Pineapple tops from his work.  He says no as they buy them in without the tops on them. ???  Why would anyone buy a Pineapple without the top?  OK, I know not everyone plants the tops and getting them without would take up less room and not be as prickly.  But still.

However not long after I asked he did say that he had saved a few whole pineapple from the rubbish for me and they had the tops on them still. 
Cool, so where are they Boy?

It has been ages since he said he had them and though I keep asking he kept forgetting to bring them out for me and I never thought to go into his place and get them myself.  Sad, I know.

But after some loving nagging from his mummy he brought them out.  Four of them,  in a box, full of ants and the fruit was maggoty.  But the tops are OK and I have it on my list to get them planted this week. 
That will give us 11 Pineapple plants. 

I think that's pretty cool.


  1. Its so exciting eating things from the garden, I've planted tops of pineapple plants many times but they usually get dug up by the animls. I just said to kev we will try again but this time we will plant them in our enclosed rainwater tank, I know they take along time. thanks for sharing. I will see if we can buy a few pineapples with the tops still on...hope you are having a lovely Easter and enjoying this beautiful weather we are having ...just glorious isn't it ...
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. Hmmm, I have never seen pineapples in the store without the tops. I wonder why the tops were gone. It seems they would start to go bad sooner with no tops. I have said for over a year that I was going to grow a pineapple top. I would be almost there if I had just done it. Eleven pineapples a year is more than most people get. I guess these four won't harvest when the other seven do. Living on what you grow is much sweeter if there are a few pineapples to look forward to.

    Did you plant the tops the recommended way on the internet? Or, did you just plant it with no prep work?

    I had pineapple Jello eggs today. LOL...okay, doesn't count, right!