Monday, April 11, 2011

Tank Gardens. Still Working On Them.

Well I still haven't achieved all I wanted to with the tank gardens but as it is a neverending project I probably never will.  Such is my way...

I have mowed, whippersnippered and weeded.  The mowing could be done again and there are more weeds coming up.  And we have had rain so that will all increase.  And I am not home much this week.  And I am still *real sore* from the 20km bikeride on Saturday.  Can you see where this is going?

I have fed the empty gardens with liquid manure, and mulched some.  They are ready to have stuff  planted into them so will buy some seedlings sometime during the week.  Maybe tomorrow.  I can then plant them tomorrow evening as I am away the next few days but as we are due for a bit more rain they should be OK.

I transplanted some Chilly plants into the fridge garden that had 2 in it.  There is now 6 plants in there and the newbies look like they will survive.

I pulled up and replanted heaps of Strawberry plants.  Some in a small tank garden and some in an empty fridge garden.  I still have a bucket full to put somewhere and will do that this morning.

I need to get a few more barrow loads of dirt from the chookpens as a topup to the big TG and hope to get that done today.

I *think* we have fixed the problem of the chooks getting out. 
I hope so or the seedlings will not get a chance but I'm thinking we have. 
As long as I shut the gate properly on the MixedBreed pen and the wing clipping of the escapee Hyline works they should make it. 
If I remember to leave a note for Hubby to water them next weekend when he is home but I am away...

I might just buy a couple of punnets, just in case.


  1. Exactly what did those tanks hold? The picture of the hen and four chicks at the top of your blog is adorable.

  2. The work never ends especially, if it is raining, and the jobs just go on and on, but that is what makes our lives you will get there. I have an endless list and I just plod along and have decided if I get to stuff later rather than sooner I am not going to worry.

    Our strawberries have gone mad too and I have potted some up and given them away. I expect heaps this dry season :)