Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Have a Pineapple.

We picked our first, one and only, Pineapple yesterday.
Just had some and it is very nice, full of flavour.  I was a bit worried that it would be too ripe as I had forgotten about it and it was real yellow when I noticed it again on Monday.

This pineapple has been growing in a 1/2 x 44 gallon drum for a few years now so they take a long time from planting to eating so just as well we weren't in a hurry.

There were a few suckers on this plant and they have been pulled off and planted in the sandy garden out the back.  The top from this one will go out there in a few days as well.   If they all survive we will have 7 little Pineapple plants in the ground. 
I read somewhere that the plant we just picked from may send out a couple more suckers so I am going to leave it in it's drum for a while and see what it does. 

Our Pineapple has taken up a bit of space for a long time with the end result of 1 fruit so as a main crop in a small backyard I wouldn't recommend them, we have had much more fruit from a Pepino in the same size pot,  but if you have the space and want something different I think they are an  easy plant to have in the ground.  We have the space and the time so the long wait will not be a problem for us.

A lot of places cut the tops from the Pineapples before they sell them but if you buy one with the top still attached cut the top off and stick it in somewhere out of the way and you too might get the thrill of tasting  a homegrown one.


  1. I so want to grow a pineapple. The waiting two years is not good. But, if I had planted tops since I found out this would work, I could have a crop of three or four each year! But, I continue to think about it...not Please give us a report on the taste. Congratulations.

  2. Well done Barb! You must be very patient.