Monday, April 4, 2011

Shooting Wild Pigs..

I was just outside, checking if I turned the water off or not...hang on, I need to go check if the water is off...
I seen this animal out near the dam.  Maybe a fox.  But it's the middle of the day and there is 2 of them so... must be someones dogs.  No, there's a group of them, What the!!!  Wild Pigs!!
I run inside and grab the camera because I know *they* will not believe me and then the chase is on...

I know it's not very clear, they were a paddock away quick smart and still moving. Gosh those little blighters are fast.  Now I know how the son feels when he's out hunting them.

The 6 black smudges are pigs.   Not very clear as I was trying to zoom the camera in and it got wobbly.

This is a couple of them coming out of the dam in the paddock across from ours.

OK. Watching this it's hard to tell what the black smudges are but believe me...I would not be running down the backyard chasing smudges, they are real live pigs.

They ran towards the house out the back so I presume they are his and escaped somehow and when they had a big heavy breathing *thing* after them they ran home to safety.

While I was standing on the dam wall I took a photo looking back towards he house and backyard.

Listening to me try and breath I think it's time for another blood test.  I was thinking that the Iron wasn't doing it's job properly so am eating Liver but maybe a test will tell me if any of that is working.


  1. I really admire you--being able to run AND shoot at the same time. I would fall I was hoping they weren't wild pigs who would attack you.

  2. I believe you that they were wild pigs and you were not running around chasing black smudges :D