Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm not home, I'm here.

I am babysitting last night/this morning...
So had a sleepover in a big flash house, overlooking the river....Very nice.  Even had tea cooked for me.

But I am still inside on the computer instead of out there enjoying the view and serenity.
I will have breakfast out there though, that will be nice.

No idea when the people will be back but that doesn't matter.  My chooks are big enough to wait for their breakfast and the dog will sleep until I get home.

I am using their computer and the keyboard is much smaller than mine so I keep making mistakes.  But being on here up here I will have no reason to get on when I get home so will be able to get straight into things outside.  Yes indeedy, that is what will happen...

It's nearly half past 7 and I'm surprised the boys aren't up yet.  I thought they were early risers...My mistake.  Will give them another half an hour.  One is being picked up this morning but as I have no idea what time I need to get him fed and ready, in case it's earlier than later.

Well best be off, will go out and play with the dogs for a bit.

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