Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Bought Potatoes. And Carrots...

How sad...But because I don't eat many Potatoes I haven't really been too fussed about getting any this year and though I can usually find some if I go out and have a dig around I caved and bought  a bag for Hubby.
I wasn't going to, I didn't want to...but he likes spuds and had been asking about some so I did.
Aren't I a nice little wifey.
The carrots were bought because I had none and they were there, close to the spuds...

They are the only vegetable bought this year so still not doing too bad. There is always something out in the gardens to eat but sometimes you want something that is easy to find and you can't get much easier than a bag of bought stuff in the cupboard or fridge.

The gardens are nowhere near as productive as last year, I think I am not as focused on them this year but a look around the shops the other day has made me have a good think and if I don't want to go back to relying on shop stuff then I really need to put in the effort to get my backyard back the way it was when I had challenged myself to not buy anything.

I think once the challenge was over and I knew that I could grow everything we ate then I kinda lost the spirit of things.  I am starting to get that back though and that is a good thing.

I could happily live without Potatoes and they are cheap enough to buy but I will still try and get back to what I had growing last year.  The trouble has been that I have dug them up but not replaced them with a new lot to grow.  Time to work on that.  I have the space, I need to get it filled.

And the carrots?  I have not been able to grow enough and the ones I did were not the best, buying some was the easy way out.  I will keep trying to grow them but won't cry too much if I have to buy another bag. 

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  1. I envy all you do and grow and the help you have to help you accomplish your goals. At my most ambitious and with my very best efforts and the last drop of my energy, I would starve to death on what I could grow...lol.