Monday, April 18, 2011

No Excuses This Week.

I've had a few days away and in the leadup to *My Adventure*  I was spending more time on getting the van packed and ready than out in the backyard but I have no plans to go off anywhere again for a few weeks so should have plenty of time to get the gardens sorted.

I missed buying seedlings last week so might have to make a special trip somewhere to get some but this week I will get some seeds in as well.  I am home for the next 2 weeks so really have no excuses.

And as per usual the grass needs mowing again. 

One chook pen is in real need of a decent cleanout and I have decided to put the chooks that I want to keep all together in the orchard pen and get rid of the others.  I need to fix the fence first though or they'll be able to get out. 
I will choose which of the Mixed breed chooks are staying today and put them in the front orchard pen.  After I fix the fence.  My concern is that they are a lot smaller than the AussieRocks that I will put them with but the AR are a friendly bird so shouldn;t cause to many dramas.

So much to do so better make a start.


  1. "[As] per usual the grass needs mowing." Don't you just hate that. Here in Alabama, the grass needs mowing every week for about six months. I am lucky to get someone to mow it every two weeks. A friend does it when he can. I cannot afford to pay someone, and I can no longer do it myself. The St. Augustine grass gets lush and deep, so it could go for months if it were not for the few weeds popping up in it. I love when it is deep around my ankles...the rest, not so much.Maybe we need sheep or goats on the lawn.

  2. I couldn't tell you when we last had to mow the lawn the kangaroos are always eating it, so no mowing needed. But the down side is I get sick of raking up their droppings, it annoys me as I always say we don't even have a pet and I'm raking up all these droppings. i LOVE TO SIT ON THE LAWN, bUT i DON'T WHEN ITS FILLED WITH KANGAROO DROPPINGS ...Don't think it would be a good idea to have an Easter hunt here !lol :)