Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Am Not A Cow Farmer.

OK, lets get one thing straight.  I am not a farmer, never have been, never will be.  I am also not very smart, never have been, never will be...

We have a few cows out in the back paddock.  Two are ours and 1 belongs to the guy next door but they are all together and share both properties.  So 3 cows. I CAN count.  But sometime during the week, Monday or Wednesday, ( I also can't remember too well!)  there were 5 cows, so 2 new ones. Only small ones, smaller than ours.  I figured that they had come in through the fence from the bloke out the back's place.  As this sometimes happens.  Eventually they get taken out. 

Thursday night I noticed one was only a little calf but as I hadn't heard any mooing figured it was older than it looked.  Now yesterday I saw this calf up closer to the house and it was small so was pretty sure that it's mother would soon be carrying on.  I then promptly forgot about it.  As I do.

But guess what?  It is our baby.  Well it looks like it belongs to our black cow as that is the one it is always near and the one it is drinking from.  How cool is that?  How dumb am I!

I have put out some hay and will get some photos when she brings in closer but this is one I took last night.

That place out the back sometimes has a bull.

We don't have a bull and though sometimes the bloke out the back does I don't remember one being in our paddock and though there was talk of borrowing his bull we never did.  Not knowingly anyway. 
The cows were fat and last year we did think that they might be pregnant but were told by someone that knew that they weren't, they were just fat.  So this year when the cows were still fat we thought they were just still fat. the other cow of ours also pregnant?  Is the neighbour cow with ours pregnant, cause she's not allowed to be, she has health *issues* and the owner asked us to let him know before we got a bull in and to make sure she was locked out.  So we haven't knowingly had a bull in there but unless this cows name is Mary...And it's not, her name is *Black Cow*...

AND, this is the cow that escaped a week or so back and ate a lot of our vegetables and has before and I had asked Hubby to put it in the freezer for me.  He was going to but got busy.  He planned on doing it next week!  I am so glad that he didn't shoot her when I wanted him to. 


  1. What a cutie you have there Barb. A nice surprise for you, plenty of milk now if you want it. Do you know how to milk a cow?

    I wonder who the mystery bull is, must have snuck in, in the middle of the night lol

    I am glad your hubby didn't get time to shoot her too, that would have been disastrous.

    Perhaps you should re name her Mary...

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Tania. Oh I would have been horrified if we had of shot her though I don't think Hubby would have told me. Son might have mentioned the waste of veal but he is a butcher so might think like that.

    I don't milk and this cow is not friendly but if you wanna come and try...


  3. lol Barb

    Well I guess you would have got two for the price of one if she had been butchered. Handy having a butcher in the family.

    Sorry Barb but I am not a milker, my mother on the other hand was. Early morning riser to milk the dairy cow by hand and last thing each day. I was rared on pure cows milk with the thick cream sitting on the top. I miss the farm life now, but I don't think I appreciated it enough back then though lol.


  4. Her name is not 'Black Cow' mum, Her name is Blackie, or thats what i call her, Wasn't she originally named Aunty or was that another black cow?

  5. Yes, her name is Auntie, on account of when Spot was born, and this one was born, but because of the intricate family relationships this black one turned out to be Spot's auntie, even though Spot was older... and we thought it amusing and *I* named her auntie.

    But you are talking to the woman who named one of her cats "Stray Cat" so...

  6. Stray Cat was a very apt name.
    Alas, as of last Thursday SC is no more, he/she is helping the bananas grow. I cried.