Saturday, September 4, 2010

I NEED A Coffee!!

I have just had a freakin' big scare and need a coffee to recover.

I was outside eating peas  checking out the gardens when I looked out into the paddock and saw Black Cow.  By herself.  Alone.  No baby.  That's fine though, I know baby cows wander off by themselves sometimes.  Right? 

But given that last time I'd seen it it was lying near the dam and the mother was now in another paddock...Of course! The calf must have fallen in the dam.  And drowned...

I walk down there, looking around as I go in case it was somewhere else and I wouldn't have to walk all that way down the back paddock but no, couldn't see it anywhere.  Walked around the dam twice but couldn't see any drowned calf but the water was pretty muddy...Decided it wasn't in that dam it must be in the neighbours bigger dam so I climb through the barbwire fence to check that one out.  He has an electric fence around his dam to keep the cows away but this is a little bitty calf I'm looking for.  And it is NOWHERE else, it must be have gotten under the fence and fallen in and as I couldn't hear it it must be dead.  Maybe I should go home and ring the son to come and help me pull it out...No I'll just climb under the electric fence to make sure it is dead...

Half way under the fence and wait, what's that thing.  It is the calf, sleeping quietly in the long grass, in a lower than groundlevel ditch, behing a little hill.  Bloody Thing!  No wonder the mother was calmly eating grass as she watched me. 

Bloody cows.  I'm glad I'm not a cow farmer.


  1. It must be your mother instinct kicking in...

    I guess they would hide their baby's to protect them from the enemy, I bet mama cow was smiling at you while chewing her grass lol. For a moment there I thought you were going to say that the fence zapped you!

    Hope the coffee has calmed you and that you have had some of the lovely rain for your garden that we have had over the last couple of days.


  2. That must of been a big scare!!! Silly mama cow!! You don't think of them needing sleep like us because you always see them standing up!!!
    That is so funny thanks for the laugh, even though I am so sad you got a big fright!!

  3. This is why I worry about Solo Camping.
    I talk myself into panic attacks. lol.
    I just know that the sound of the wind will be the Boogyman coming to get me. lol.

    No rain here, beautiful day so I'm outside planting stuff and reading. And eating the peas.