Saturday, September 11, 2010

P.S.E.D. Challenge. 1st to 10th Sept.

 I am doing OK with this challenge and am ahead of the one thing a day plan but probably could do better.  there are days when I haven't planted anything but there has also been stuff that has not be recorded.  Like the half empty pack of old seed and a few straggly things from pots.  Below is what I have planted so far.

Wed. 1st September
Day 1.Tomato, Grosse Lisse seeds.  Hot house.  
          Marigold. seeds.   Hot house.
       2. ****
       3. ****
       4. Sunflower seeds, Front Garden.
           Cucumber seed.  Big tank garden.
           Carrots.  Driveway Drum.
           Marigold seeds.  Front garden.
          Capsicum, seeds, hothouse.
          Chilly seeds.  Around tank.
          Celery seeds, sprinkled in a few garden beds.
          Marigold seeds, around tank.
       5.Strawberries, baskets.
          Chokos x 2. Orchard, southside.
          Misc shade plants x4. Around tree.
          Capsicum seeds, hothouse. (14)
       6. Sunflower seeds.  Garden.
       8.Strawberries, 10 plants into hanging baskets.
         Some succulent things, under the tree.
      10. Potatoes, in foam boxes.
         Cucumber seeds, hothouse
Total -  10days.   19 things planted so on track.


  1. Do you want some bok choy seedlings?

  2. Wow I am impressed, I really need to get motivated and get cracking on this sorta thing, first things first, clear out area, dig our revolting taking over everything grass, bring more hay home, and get act together, thanks for adding some inspiration