Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm Just A Big Kid.

It's 6.30, or was, I hear a loud rumbling sound outside and I knew what it was so *ran* outside to watch the helicopter fly over.

I also go out to watch the planes if I hear them.  Sometimes I see the old red bi-plane, sometimes it's the little
homemade planes but I cannot for the life of me remember what they are called.  Gyro copters?  We have 3 of those in the area.  Sometimes it's just a normal ol' plane.  Different helicopters go over, there is a big one and a little one that always go over in the same flight path and I know there used to be a bloke out at Hamel that had them so I presume it's still him.  And then we have the loud roar of the Jets.  I go out when I hear them and I look and look but rarely do I see them.  I can never remember if I need to look in front of the sound or behind the sound and by the time I have worked it out the jet is long gone.

And I say *go out* but usually it's daytime and I only look up.  It's not like I am inside all the time.  Really.

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