Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Catch Up Day.

I need to do have a *catch up* day and as that is doing everything what I needed to do last weekend plus what I need to do today I really should be out there doing it insteat of in here having breakfast.  But hey, I needed food.  And a coffee!

I rode the bike around the block last Friday, then an hours walk the same day.  A ride on Sat and a bit of mowing and I'm out for the rest of the weekend.  Did a bit on Monday but my hands weren't really working properly so after too many accidents called it a day.  Not home all day Tuesday so have heaps to try and do to catch up but needing to remember not to go overboard as I am still not *quite right*

I won't go for a ride this morning.
The mowing and whippersnippering will be left. 
I won't be able to clean out the chookyards as that's involves raking and carrying bags of wet hay...might just throw some dry hay in them and do them next weekend.
Can't vacuum and that's a bugger as Hubby is due home today.
Wood box needs filling up.  

I need to do some planting.  That's easy enough, doesn't matter if I drop things there. 
I'll be able to sit in the sun and finish my book.
A short walk is doable.
Wow, sounds like a busy busy day...I better go get started.

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