Saturday, September 18, 2010

P.S.E.D. Challenge. 11th to 18th Sept.

Second week of planting stuff  and I can see that this needs to be an ongoing thing.  Not everything will germinate or make it to eating stage so the more stuff I can get in then the better chance of finishing the *don't buy veg* challenge without going without too much.  If I want to do the same challenge next year then the time to start is now.  Anyone here want to join me next year?  

This weeks planting:

Day 11.  Grapevine.  Rooted cutting transplanted.
              Boysenberry x 2,  in food orchard, roadside fence.
        12. Cucumber, seeds, hothouse.
        13. Peas, tank garden.
              Beetroot.  driveway drums.  
        14. ****
        15. Figtree, from T's place, in food orchard.
        16. ****
        17. Pepino, buried branches, front garden.
        18. Pumpkin, seed, hothouse.
             Sunflowers, seed. hothouse.
             Rockmelon, seed, hothouse
             Custard Apple, seeds hothouse.
             Cannas, plants, around tank. 
             Daisy things, plants, around tank.   C & D's moved from front garden.

 Thirteen things planted over the last 8 days so that makes 32 things planted so far this month.  That means that I am ahead but I will still try and plant something each day I am home.


  1. Hi Barb
    Just wondering how you prepared your grapevine cutting & when?
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Gosh Nicole, How flattering of you to think that I would know such things, lol.

    These ones were plonked in the ground near some Strawberries in winter 2009. Hubby got them from his boss after they did some pruning up there.

    Quite a few rooted and now I need to find places to transplant them too, I have 2 more I need to find homes for, real soon.

    We don't/didn't do anything special though, no dipping in anything or anything like that. Just *planted* shortish, 12inch?, pieces of stem so sorry, I'm not much help am I? lol.


  3. Thanks Barb :)

    Main reason that I asked is that I'm possibly going to lose my yummy sultana grape vine when we put in a new 22500L water tank.

    I thought if I could strike a few cuttings beforehand, it wouldn't matter as much if it didn't survive.

  4. I think they are suposed to be taken during winter when they are dormant but definately take some. You have nothing to lose. Maybe if the vine is not too big you could dig it up and plant it somewhere else?


  5. I wish I could but although it's only 4 years old, the vine is big!

    It is planted in the corner part where 2 colourbond fences meet & 1 of the fences has to be moved (then put back)so the tank can be put in.

    This fence has the least growth so it might be right - fingers crossed.