Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Buy Vegetables Challenge.

It is the end of June and we still haven't bought any vegetables to eat BUT...I did buy a 10 kilo bag of spuds to use as seed potatoes but hadn't planted them all yet.  Hubby wanted potatoes and I couldn't be bothered going out and digging some up so I gave him a couple of these.  I am pleased to say though that I didn't have any.  I had chokos instead.
The rest of the bag is now covered in dirt and mulch so I will need to tip over one of the drums and harvest our own if he wants to eat spuds next week.

Not sure if I will just not tell anyone and still count it as succeeding.    *Technically* I have failed twice now but I won't tell if you won't.

Two small slip-ups in 6 months is still pretty good and I'm not counting it as a failure.  I will NOT buy any vegetables for the rest of the year.

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