Saturday, July 3, 2010

Candied Lemon Peel. Update.

The general consensus of this is that it tastes pretty good.

I had dried some and put some in a jar in the fridge but the fridge one didn't seem as nice so I reboiled it and dried it out as well.  Just in time too as there was none of the dried lot left.

It is sitting on the bench and I know that if I don't hurry up and put it away then I won't have to!


  1. And want to know something really wicked.....if you dip it in melted chocolate (good stuff not cheap stuff) it takes just wonderful! As in have it a chocolate

  2. Barb, are you still a Frugals member? Check it for a link I shared for roasted lemon peel. Looks good!

  3. Thanks anyway Katrina but NO! I do not want to know that.

    Yes Wendy, I saved that recipe but haven't tried it yet. I do plan to though.