Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have found a hobby for me and Hubby to do together.  He thinks it's dumb but will come with me.  I think it will be lots of fun and it's something that we can do when we go away on our camping trips.  It's called goecaching and it involves looking for a cache that someone has hidden somewhere.  You need a GPS, you get co-ordinates from the website, add them to your GPS then off you go.  If when you find the cache you write in the logbook that is with it and put it back then go look for another one.  Global Treasure hunting.  Without the treasure.

I found the site for this on Sat morning just before we left on our trip last week so I quickly registered so we could get the clues before we left.  I printed out 4 in the GreenHead area so that we could try our luck.  Borrowed Sons GPS to go looking for the first one but it wasn't where we first thought it was going to be.  The GPS kept sending us to a tree in a carpark but we couldn't find anything.  We were going to try again next trip.  On the way home we tried for another one and this time T was with us and they were using his phone to find it.  We ended up going in different directions so someones GPS was out and seeing as they found the cache it looks like Sons GPS doesn't work properly.  BUGGER!  I *knew* the first one wasn't under that tree.

We told Son about his GPS and that he needs to get it checked so he will know where he is when he gets lost out bush and have decided to buy our own.

We will buy one before our next trip but there are 102 caches in the area that we live.  I'm excited!

I think that this Geocaching sounds like lots of fun but everyone that I have spoken to about it so far thinks it dumb.  They can't see the point.  Hubby will come with me becaused I sooked about him not wanting to but I'm sure he will get into it after a few finds.  I'm looking forward to it and I think it will be a great way to get some GPS reading skills.  I think that this is the only reason that Hubby has agreed to come with me.

It will give us places to go that maybe we wouldn't think of if there wasn't something there to find.  A good reason to explore more of our great state.
This is Grigsons Lookout and we would not have gone there if it wasn't for there being a geocache in the area.  The veiws from here were wonderful and I'm glad we got to see them.

We drove into Sandy Cape because T. had hidden a *treasure* there for me to find.  I think she was the only one that wanted to help me with this.  Thanks T.  This is another place that we may not have driven into.  Discovered that it has great camping spots real close to the beach so once again, a  place worth seeing.

Here is a link (if it works) to getting started in Geocaching.  I'm sure that some of you will find it interesting.


  1. I have friends that do this, I think it's a great way to get into area's that you have never been before, if you are into driving around and checking out the country side it's a good way to do it - go for it i think you will enjoy it

  2. Lee the truly truly awesomeJune 26, 2010 at 5:51 PM

    Hey, we found one of these accidentally one time... under a bush. It was totally exciting and adventurous. Good on you!

  3. There are 7 in the Bruce Rock area waiting for me when I go up there to climb Kokerbin Rock. I do need to buy a GPS first though.
    I think it will be fun.