Saturday, June 26, 2010

Say Goodbye to...

These did really well this year but a bit of frost got to them a few weeks ago and though they were still full of fruit there were no more flowers and they were looking ratty so I have ripped them down.

Seeing that these were a couple of half dead plants *rescued* from someones yard they gave a great display but all good things must end so these are being chopped down today.   I will also take some cuttings and see what happens.

Pulled out a few dead plants yesterday.  I have 2 plants left with tomatoes on them so we are still able to eat fresh tomato each week.  I also have a few plants growing and some of those have flowers.  Whether they will fruit then get ripe remains to be seen.

I found a couple more of these growing and even though they had flowers on them they are now gone.   We don't eat them enough to have them there.

Some sort of Flower. 
These keep coming up from dropped seed but I have decided that I don't like them much so they have been ripped up and replaced with a self rooted Pepino.

Everythings needs pruning and tidying up so we will get onto that today.  Before I start mowing again.   I will get Hubby to cut down the grape vines as I can't do that and he will also need to get everything  mulched as I am too weak to start the mulcher.

So, out I go, to have some fun in my backyard..

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