Saturday, June 19, 2010

Three Nights Camping In GreenHead. 12-6-'10.

This time last Saturday we were loading up the car ready for a short holiday up at Green Head.  We *found* this place just before Easter when we made a quick trip to Jurien and promised ourselves that we would go there and stay a few nights.  It was so worth it.  I think I could move here and live quite happily.  IF I could take my chooks and gardens with me.
I really like the place, it was quiet but we were
told that it gets busy during holidays but that doesn't
bother us as we have no intention of going there
during peak times.  There is no free camping in the
area so we stayed here at the GreenHead Caravan Park.
A very clean and quiet place to stay.

Son and his girlfriend came and one of the daughters and her daughter.and partener came as well but they *sookied* out and stayed in an on-site van instead of tents.  Smart choice for her really as it was safer that way for her daughter.
So I have had my first camping trip this year.  Hubby says I was so good that he will take me again.  Next time there won't be tents though, just him and me living on/off the back of the 'cruiser.  Looking forward to that.

This is a shot taken from out the back of the c'van park, looking back into Dynamite Bay.   There are so many lovely spots like this around..  Good for fishing or just sitting and watching.

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