Monday, June 7, 2010

I Beat The Roosters Up.

It's now half past five in the morning but I have been up since before 4am, so early that I beat the roosters up.  Probably too early as it's still too dark that even the *snail patrol* is out.  No point looking for them if it's too dark to see them.

So instead I have had a coffee and spent the time catching up on reading some BLOGS.  But seeing as that is what I do most mornings anyway it doesn't mean anything, I just thought I'd let you all know.

There isn't a lot that can be done this early during winter though.  Is there?  If you have something better that I could be doing please let me know.  But not housework.  Or anything that needs a light on.   I don't *do* lights.

I can hear one of the roosters starting now, soon the other one will join in but I don't care as I am already awake.  HaHa!

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