Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hatching Eggs.

OK, a *proper* post.  One actually about what is happening in my backyard.  'Cept this happened out the front so I hope none of you are too picky. 

I have more chickens.  Well as of yesterday there was 1 but I'm hoping for another 1 or 2 today.  The clucky was sitting on 3 when I moved her a couple of weeks ago.

She was in the *tankhouse* with the other chooks and I thought she was clucky but was unsure as to let her sit or to kick her off and lock her away somewhere.  I was lazy and she kept sitting but other chooks kept laying under her.  I hate that, it makes it hard to know what eggs are devrloping but my own silly fault. for not doing my job.  Anyway, I knew these three eggs were good and laid the same time so I marked them then just kept removing any spares each day.  I put together a small pen for her, got Hubby to lift her, nest and all, into the new pen and let her go.  Yesterday I heard her clucking, heard some cheeping, and one tiny chick had hatched, probably the day before. Now it's a wait and hope she keeps sitting and the other eggs hatch thing.  Or maybe they have and I haven't noticed yet as it's too early to go out and check.  Updates coming later today.

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