Monday, June 13, 2011

No Power.

We had no power again today, this is the second time time this month that the electricity has been disconnected because of work of some sort on the lines.  It is good as it is a sure way of getting me off the computer and doing stuff.   No point sitting here if it's not working now is there.
So today I raked out one of the chook pens and topped up the drum gardens along the driveway with the scratched over grass clippings and I have done the same to a couple of the tank gardens out the back. I then scrapped off the top few inches of dirt, managed a few wheelbarrow fulls and used that in some of the tank gardens that were getting low in dirt.

The chook yard is now covered in all the grass clipping and weeds from today and in a few weeks time it will all be done again.

The Chrysanthemums that were leftover from the old garden that was in the middle of the front yard have been dug up and replanted so that area is one step closer to being finished. 

Came in and had lunch and was able to have a coffee thanks to the wood fire.
Power still wasn't back on so I went out with the thought of mowing a bit.  Put petrol in the mower, pulled the cord...and again...and again...and again...Think I might have to dip the sparkplug in to the fuel as I sometimes need to, some times I have heaps of trouble starting this mower...Hubby comes over and gives it 1 pull...Now I can mow.
Don't you hate that...when you try and try and try and *they* manage it first go.

Once started it goes forever and I managed to get most of it done, I still have a bit out the back door to do and then out the back around the big tank gardens and that area but am happy with what I achieved today.  Am so feeling it tonight though,  Everything is hurting but still, it's done and should look good for a week or two.

Maybe I should pretend there is no power again on Wednesday.  I get so much more done when I don't have the computer on but sadly, I don't seem to have the inclination to just turn it off and do what needs doing until it is done.  No matter, it's still all good.


  1. It seems you have lots of power outages. What is the reason for this? When my internet is not working for whatever reason, I get more done, too. But, when the power was off for five days due to the tornado ripping down most of the pole and throwing limbs and trees across the wires, I got nothing done at all.

  2. This one was for *routine maintenance* Sometimes there's a fault, sometimes storm damage.
    It's all a good reminder not to get too dependant.