Monday, June 20, 2011

Choko Mustard Pickle

This afternoon I made the "Easy Choko Mustard Pickle" from the Year In A Bottle by Sally Wise book.  Hmmm.  It's OK but I must have done something wrong.  I did double the recipe because the kg of Choko it needed was only 3 and as I had a bucketful to use I thought doubling the recipe would be the way to go. 

Maybe it wasn't.  I think there was too much liquid for the amount of choko and the cornflour didn't seem to thicken it so I added more but it still didn't thicken.  I was going to let it simmer away but it was getting too soft so I took it off the stove and bottled it. 
 The recipe said the Choko should be finely chopped but I think next I won't make it as small as I did today.

Sometime over the next week I will make up a different batch but I will use my mothers Cauliflower Pickle recipe, if I can find it.  Not sure why I didn't use that today as I know that is really nice when she makes it so I would know if I had the taste right or not.  'Cept I couldn't find it...
With this one, maybe it's suposed to taste like it does... I just had another spoonful and the 5 jars will be eaten as it's not awful and I'll see what other people think of it before I decide if it's worth trying again or not.  

The whole process would have been easier, and safer, if I didn't have to keep kicking the cat out of the way  so I could get to the stove.


  1. Well, there you go. It had to be the cat's fault. I noticed you did not use canning jars, that you re-used one-use jars. Will you store this in the refrigerator or give this to people who will use it soon? I read somewhere that canning in these jars, although frowned upon in the US, is common practice in the rest of the world. Apparently, not as many people die as we are led to believe would happen

  2. You didn't do anything wrong as I had the same problem, as did my Mum. It's the only recipe in the book that I have had turn out not quite right. Though I really really love that book! I ended up reboiling the lot and adding a bit more vinegar and cornflour, it turned out lovely.

    Great blog, a really enjoyable read.


  3. Linda, yes I don't know many people that make stuff like this but those that do recycle jars. I will store it in the fridge but some others don't until it is opened. I do because we Hubby has a half empty fridge in the shed and so I use that. Wih these jars he one with the paper on it is being used first as the lid didn't suck down.

    Lisa, thanks for that info, I'm glad it wasn't me. In the end, it does taste quite nice and other people have wanted a jar for themselves.