Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Free Food.

Son came out yesterday.  The freezer where he works broke down and the shop was throwing out a lot of the food so the staff got to take some home with them.  We now have 4 pizzas, in the fridge as they had defrosted and 4 boxes of Magnum icecreams in the freezer.  He also has some at his house. 
The sad thing is that he was working and didn't notice until later all the bags of icecreams going into the bin.  I think that is sad, the customers would have appreciated a free box of icecreams I'm sure if they were offered but apparently there is something to do with insurance that the shop is not allowed to do that.

I'm glad Hubby is home this week otherwise I'd be eating pizza all week by myself.  That would be sad.


  1. Wow great load of free goodies!

  2. Yes, so glad Hubby is home to help eat them. lol.
    Forgot to say he also brought out 4 big lambshanks so I will cook them up somehow today.

  3. Cool! Free food is always welcome at my house, especially pizza. Now I want a Dominos Pizza.