Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Made Bread.

I used daughter L's recipe and even though it is a white loaf it was alright.
The bread was crusty on the outside but light and soft inside.  It wasn't very high but I *may* have put it in the oven too soon.

But it was made from scratch, no bread machine here.
Next time I will use wholemeal flour and add stuff but this, with some Choko Pickle and cheese, made a nice lunch. 

We had it with Tomato soup, shhh, out of a can!  But Hubby like it.   Next time I will  take some soup out of the freezer so it will be better.
I am going to try the *Five Minute* bread but this one was quick and easy to put together so I'll see if one is better than the other.

I'll ask L if she minds me putting the recipe here and if she doesn't I'll add it


  1. Mmmm looks delish with the pickle and cheese.

  2. homemade bread...well done! looks like I need to jump to your Choko post, as I'm not sure what that is. in the pic, it looks like peach jam and quite yummy!

  3. That bread looks great Barb! Can almost smell it :D)

  4. Homemade bread is always more flavorful. I think making bread from scratch taste better than using a bread machine. A good loaf of homemade bread goes with almost anything and make a great meal.

  5. I left a comment, I thought. Just about how good that looks and how it makes me want to go make bread in the bread machine.

  6. I checked the link with 5 min bread. Can I use table salt? How much? I just gave away my kosher and sea salt!