Monday, June 20, 2011

Choko Season.

It's Choko time again and though Hubby isn't too keen on them I think they are great.  They don't have much taste by themselves but they do take on the taste of whatever they are cooked with.  And I *have permission* to plant a few more.  Last year I had a massive one out the back, it had been growing between a couple of the tank gardens for around 3 years but last year after it died down after fruiting, as they do, it was eaten by slaters.  Luckily I am a slack gardener and had left a few fallen fruit in one of the tanks and a couple sprouted and they are this years vine.  It's not as big or as healthy as the last one but is still giving us enough fruit.  I say fruit but it is probably classed as more of a vegetable.  I planted a few more around the place last year but not many survived so I have 2 growing and giving us fruit now.
Choko in a tank garden in backyard.

Choko planted behind a drum alongside the driveway.

I will plant a few more this year as eventually I want to do away with the one out the back as it shades the big tank garden too much.

I add them to all soups, stews and one pot meals.  The daughter added 1 to her vegetarian lasagna that we had for last nights tea.  I use them as a dessert by adding to apple or pear and cooking them and serving as stewed fruit.  I actually add them to most things, much to Hubby's disgust.

I have a bucket of fruit inside now waiting to be made into pickles.  I was supposed to do it last week but haven't yet.  I did make some into a Bread and Butter Pickle and they are really nice but these ones will be more like a Cauliflower Pickle.  So...Best get to it.


  1. I wonder if these can be found in the US. And, if so, what are they called here? Would they be found in an ethnic store? You have made me curious.

  2. Linda, hi. I think they are called Chayote or something like that over there.

    i know you do have them.

  3. Ooo someone who grows choko's - have wondered abou them, tell me more!!!!!!!

  4. A good way to use chocos is to make a savoury mince up and mash chocos and spread over like a potato pie.. grate cheese over the top and bake in the oven... delicous!!

  5. I'm a lover of choko too, I recently made a choko and Apple Pie! Yum!
    I love the way you have used the old 1/2 drums for your veg! Cool idea! Great way to make more garden space! :)