Thursday, December 30, 2010


My computer is dead. It has been on the blink for a few weeks now and the computer guy said that it was dying and he'd give us a quote for a new one.  He hasn't yet, I will wait a few more days then give him a call. 

Anyway, I am in town at the library.  Thank goodness for them or I have no idea what I'd be doing.  Well I do, I'd be at home reading the book I got out from here yesterday but that is not the point.

The point is that a Library is a great place and I recommend that if you haven't been to one for awhile to go check your local one out.  They no longer just have books, who knew.  There are vidios, DVD's, computers, etc.

Our library lady told me yesterday that they have free lessons for *Seniors* and it seems that at 52 I am classed at one.  So I had a quick lesson then came on here to let you all know that if you don't read from me for awhile, I am OK.  My computer is not but I am fine.  So no need to worry.  Like you all would, lol.

Take advantage of your library, books and movies are free, lessons are free. 

I used to visit mine quite regularly but haven't for a couple of years but now that I have new glasses and can read again I will be here more often.  So many good books, maybe I shouldn't be looking at getting that new computer too soon.


  1. Bugger! I am without my computer at the moment so am borrowing my son's when he is not on it. Mine is not dead as such, just needs a new power cord, hopefully that will happen next week.

    I haven't been to the library for years, should go see what they have to offer too.

  2. Yes, we would worry or wonder. I might think you were caught pilfering corn.

    Oh, free lessons for seniors! I asked, and---they teach seniors to turn the computer on and off, send emails and view pictures of grandchildren. Everything they would teach, I learned about 20 years ago. We have several places in town. They might teach an advanced user some Word, but nothing as complicated as I have wanted.

    Come back soon. I would miss your little world...little as in your hens and vegetables and flowers and dogs.

  3. Hi Barb ...I would wonder where you were ! So now I'll know if you haven't posted for a while ...You'll be reading ...I love love reading ...