Saturday, December 11, 2010

BLOGS and Blogging.

Do you have a BLOG?  If so, Why do you blog?  Do you have a regular time for blogging?  For reading blogs?
Do you not do other stuff so that you can blog or read blogs?

I have 3 now.  Yes 3.  Three that I write on but heaps more that I read, some I even follow.  But there is the danger.  You read someones blog, they have a list of blogs that they read, you go to one or two, they lead to more and 2 hours later you realise that the chooks haven't been checked on.  No wonder my house is a tip.
And now, because I have started walking again (and blogging about it) that takes out 40 minutes or so of my computer time so it has to now come from somewhere else.  Like housework time.  Not that there was a lot of that to start with but you can see my dilemma, I'm sure.  But it's a cheap. fun hobby so I'm sticking to it.

My other 2 blogs, yes this was just a way of letting you all know where and what they are, can be found here.  About me trying to get fit.  I need it to keep me honest.
And here:  About our camping adventures and my journey to go off by myself, sometime.

This one was to help me stick to my challenge to grow our own vegetable this year and it has succeeded in that.  We haven't bought any for us to eat and it will be good to have a record of a year in the life of...Hey, that sounds like a good blog title!  A year in the life of us would be a pretty boring blog though so I'll just stick to the three that I have,  For now anyway.  This one was only going to go for a year and then I was going to stop but it's fun so I will keep it going next year as well.   Aren't you all lucky, you can still read all about my exciting adventures in my backyard for another year. 
SmileYeah, I knew you'd be pleased!!           


  1. Wow 3? I have enough keeping up with one blog time wise...well done!

  2. I have no regular time for blogging. But, it seems late at night is when I write blogs. Also, I copy information I emailed to a group and use it for blog material.

    I blog because I like to write. I blog because people have written me privately and said they desired more of my hints for saving money.

    My blog won't tell you how to save your home, get out of major debt or manage your finances. Well, it does really. You can learn to save little bits of money here and there. One follower read my blog on using the hundred or more canvas bags I get for free or a quarter. She decided to use a cotton bag to refurbish her old clothes pin bag. She posted pictures of her "new,free" clothespin bag. She avoided a small expense. Just maybe if we curb small expenses, we can save our homes and manage our finances better.

    Ooooh,I get off on those rabbit trails, blog leads to another!

    Come on over!

    I do have a blog about weight loss that I must resume. And, I am going to start writing another about the minister ex and all the destruction he managed to effect in my life, the lives of his children, and the evil that lives in him. It's all about abuse in all it's many forms. All truth, better than fiction. No, I was not beat and no gore is in my life or will be in my blog.

  3. I only have one blog and have only started blogging the last couple of months. Before that I just lurked and read and read and read and read....yes, I would got lost in the maze and never resurface - isn't it a magical world out there!

    Why do I blog? Well, to document what I am up to for myself first. I find it's easier to keep everything in once place via a blog. Then for others second. I love sharing information and finding gems on other blogs so I write really to give back to the cosmic web.

    I usually read other blogs throughout the day when I get the time and I post late at night. Since becoming a mum I have turned into a night owl and have to admit I love staying up till late when the house is quite. Sometimes if I wake up in the night I will get online and start reading or blogging. Sometimes I ask myself if I am displaying addictive/unhealthy behaviour, but in order for something to be clasified as unhealthy it has to affect all aspects of your day to day life - which it doesn't so I am off the hook and just treat it as a hobby.

  4. I have a blog, but rarely post to it.
    I enjoy reading others' much more. :D

    Very pleased to hear that this one will continue though - I find it leaves me feeling peaceful.