Friday, December 10, 2010

He's Still Alive...

and visiting me again.  Of course I'm talking about my Clayton dog, the dog you have when you don't own a dog.  I have a couple of these now but Smokey is the only one that comes to stay.  I have one that I will take camping with me when I finally get that on the go, thanks to the son saying I can take one of his but I wouldn't trust it to stay here.  I know Smokey will stay, I just need to shut the gate and probably don't really need to do that.
Smokey is here again as his owners have gone down to Hopetoun.  I think he's here until Wednesday so that will give us both a good visit.  At the moment it is warm outside and he is asleep on the mat, in the shade on the front verandah.  Later when I go out to do more he will follow me around the yard.

I daresay we wont get any visits from the bandicoot while the dog is here.  The cat is inside keeping out of his way as well.

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