Sunday, December 19, 2010


We've got a week of HOT days coming this week so today I need to change the new chickens over from their little pen into the big netted pen.  Which means that I have to decide where to put the big chickens...I will take out the oldest chickens that are now chooks and either put them with the Isas or try and catch them and put them in with the mixed Breed chooks which is where the parents are.  Putting them with the Isas is easier...and they don't fight, they have been together before...Decided.  The bigger chickens are my AussieRocks and though they are getting big I still don't want them in an unnetted pen.  I can shift them into the old Isa pen and then the new chickens can have their pen...Decided.
I need to put up another piece of shadecloth to give more shade to the small pen where I have a chook sitting.  She is due tonight/tomorrow.  I will also need to get the sprinklers in the right spots as I will not be home for 2 days this week but Hubby will.  He will turn them on for me to cool them all down but as he has to leave sometime those days for work it needs to be easy for him.  So the chooks will be sorted.

The gardens still need more mulch on them.  That seems to be an ongoing job.  I rake out the old stuff from the pens, put it on the gardens,  mow the grass and give that to the chooks to scratch over.  The next week the grass needs mowing again so I need to rake up a pen... so I'm not raking out every pen every week but each pen is probably done a couple of times a month.  I have 3 main pens and the 2 big netted pens used for the chickens so it does take me awhile.

I haven't put shade up over the lettuce bed yet so must get that done.  Hubby is helping L and M shift today so he won't be helping me much.  I might go and *help* as well so that will limit my time here.

And yet it is already after 6 and I am still here...Better go, I have another blog to update!!

Disregard all of the above as it is now 3.30 and I am not long home.  and this morning the computer froze so nothing could be done then either.  I am out tomorrow morning, all day Tuesday, all day Thursday...Something might get done this evening when it is cooler...

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  1. I never, NEVER, EVER rake out my one pen. It seems the three hens keep it clear by scratching it all through the fence. EXBF put over a foot of pine straw and leaves in it, so they have a ball scratching. However, it's treacherous because the straw covers great holes they dug. I am trying to keep from sliding on ice and worry about their frozen food and you are cooling chickens. Mine should eat food instead of saving