Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Apricots Are Ripe.

I have eaten 3 Apricots over the last 2 days.  I know, it's not many but they were freshly picked and scoffed on the spot.  The tree has heaps on it but usually once they start then they all get ripe at the same time so we will make sure that we dry more this year.  We did some last year but not nearly enough.

This tree was bought with 2 types of Apricot grafted on it, ones that ripened at different times, but a couple of years ago, before it starting fruiting, one branch was broken and so we now only have the one sort that all ripen the same time over a short period.

There are a few seedling trees coming up underneath, from the seeds that we throw there after scoffing some fruit, and these will be planted out somewhere after Summer.  We have seedling trees coming up in different parts of the yard as well, spread there with mulch and dirt from the chookpens.

A couple of years ago we had an unknown tree come up in one of the 1/2 x 44 gallon drums and we transplanted that into one of the chook areas.  Today we found 1 lone fruit on it.  An Apricot.   Hubby got that one and said that it tasted like an Apricot so we know that the seedlings produce fruit as good as the parent tree.

We have seedling peach trees that have smaller fruit than the parent tree that they came from but still good fruit producers so it is well worth trying to get some trees to grow from the seeds from the fruit that you eat.
Ours have produced fruit within 4 years of being planted out.

Next time you eat a really nice tasty fruit why not plant out the seed and see what happens,  Who knows, maybe in a few years time you wont have to buy that fruit again as you will have your own growing.
Wouldn't that be cool.

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