Friday, December 10, 2010

Bloody Mice.

I thought that the cat was inside because of the dog but it seems that it is here stalking a mouse.  I found out that they had been in the cupboards but emptied and cleaned them out last week.  We have also heard them under this desk but set a trap and caught a couple.  Found a dead one outside this morning...Have seen a few out in the hayshed.
This is a little one and it is hiding under the mat. 
Do I lift the mat and let the cat get it?  Set another trap and hope it goes quick?  Somehow chase it outside?
Bugger!!  The cat has gone to sleep on the mat.  Useless damn thing.  Bloody cat.  Bloody mouse.

What would you do?


  1. lol Kimmie, no point if they are everywhere.

    It is no longer under the mat. it is...somewhere.


  2. I would catch it in a live trap (you can buy them at bunnings etc for like $6) and then transport it somewhere far away, after marvelling at how amazingly cute it is.

  3. If it were under a mat, I would stomp it, never relocate it. I hate mice.