Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wed, 15 December.

I was up early (4:30) again this morning and am tired already.  But I've been for my walk, fed and watered all the chickens and chooks, I've done the watering...Put up some more wire for the cucumbers to climb.  So that's a good start seeing as it's only 7am. 

I need some breakfast before I get out there again and start on the days jobs.  I need to put more mulch around things.  I need to do the spuds again, they are growing so fast they need topping up every few days.
I need to dig a hole and bury a chook.  This will probably start happening a bit now as the Isas are quite old.

The Apricots are falling from the tree so I need to cook some more of those up and get some more in the freezer.  I might have to dry more this year as one of our freezers died last week and so I may not be able to stuff the others with fruit and veg as they have other stuff in them.  One has a whole pigs head!! so if I really need the space then that can go but I think it will only be there another week or so anyway.  It belongs to the son and he will remove it soon. 

Heaps happening outside in the garden.  Rockmelon and peanuts have flowers.  The cucumbers have fruit.  The big Zucchini plant is still going nutso and the other smaller one has some that need picking.  We are getting lots of tomatoes.  Capsicum have fruit to pick, the Chillies are all in flower.  Looks like all the lettuce seed has come up so that bed will need thinning sometime.  Most of the chokos that I planted have taken off, much to Hubby's disgust.  Getting lots of Strawberries.  I need to get more onions out, a lot are starting to go to seed and we will only need a couple to do that.

What didn't work?  I have no corn, no watermelon, no sunflowers.    I have a few butternuts just getting flowers but all the ones planted months ago are gone. Carrots weren't much chop.  They took too long to grow or I left them there too long and though they are alright cooked or grated in a salad I can't't eat them fresh out of the ground.  Not sweet like they should be.

The grass needs mowing every week and if I miss a week like I am prone to do it gets out of hand again.  We have had a few people ask what we use on it to get it so thick and green but all it gets is me talking to it.  Hubby says that would work.  How rude!!  lol.

I think we have worked out a way to cut down on the slater population but it is still in the test stages and I will write about that soon.

Breakfast then back out there.

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