Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dog Sitting.

I'm dog-sitting again this week. 
Unfortunately it might be the last time as Smokey is old and not well. 
When I first started having him I asked the owners what to do if he died while he was here and was jokingly told to *let the crows eat him" 
This time though I was told that they had dug a hole for him up at their place so if anything happened then I could take him up there and bury him.  It seems that they kinda expect him to not be around much longer.  I know he quite often has to go to the vets for an injection to help him with pain and he is on more tablets than the last time I had him.  He does move around more when he is here though, more than he does when he is home.  He follows me around the yard and chases the cat. 

This is my cat.  It likes teasing the dog when he comes to stay.  I'm sure if the gate was open then the dog would eat him.      
I'm watching you, Cat.

So close, yet so far out of reach.

The owners are due home today but I don't know if they will come in and pick him up tonight or tomorrow.  I will miss him.

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