Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Won! What A Lovely Welcome Home.

Sherrie, over at makes and sells enviro bags and a week or so ago she had a competition with one of her bags as a prize.  She was asking how people cut down on using plastics.  A few people posted their different ways but I was the lucky one.  Thankyou Sherrie.  I am looking forward to receiving and using it.

Check out Sherries blog.  She has some great stuff over there  .


  1. Congratulations Barb, you did have some wonderful suggestions for reducing plastic.

  2. Hi Barb, just wanted to let you know I just posted your envirobag. I hope you get it on Friday ! Thanks again for entering my competition and sharing all your great tips with us on my blog about great ways of reducing getting more plastic! I Hope you had a great holiday it's nice to get away from time to time. It makes me always appreciate home even more.
    Have a great day :):)

  3. Yay! How cool. What a great idea for a competition and conratulations on your new bag!