Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seedlings Bought and Planted.

Because I haven't been having much luck with seeds germinating I gave in and yesterday I bought some seedlings from the Spud Shed.  I bought 4 punnets for $10.  Red Onions, Broccoli, Grosse Lisse tomatoes, and some mild Chillies.
Lovely day here for planting stuff so I was out there at 5.30am getting them in the ground.  From the onion punnet I seperated out and planted nearly 100 single plants.  Not bad for $2.50 aye?  Same with the chillies and tomatoes, from a punnet with 8 cells I ended up with a dozen plants of each. 
I have done my best to protect them from slugs and slaters but we are going away for a few days so I am hoping that they are still undamaged when we return.
We are off up to GreenHead, leaving this afternoon or early tomorrow so I need to see the daughter that will be out here and let her know where everything is planted.  She/They will be watering the plants and looking after the chooks and chickens for me and it will be greatly appreciated as without the help of people like this it would be hard to get away for more than a couple of nights. 
Thanks T.  And you too L if you are helping.

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