Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk.

I couldn't use my hands/arms yesterday so I'm not sure why I thought they'ld be OK early this morning seeing as they still felt *wrong* so I supose it's my own fault but...

We bought a box of longlife milk a week or so ago, on special for 89cents litre.  I don't drink it but Hubby does and he put it, still in the box, up into the bookshelf where I have a sort of stockpile going.

I picked a pile of potatoes last week but as my spudbox was old and yuk I threw it out just before hand.  So I needed a new box.  This looked the right size and I did ask DD to get it down for me a couple of days ago,  She forgot, I wanted it, I tried.  Knowing that it wasn't a good idea.  End result?

I hope I've wiped it all up but guess what...
I was having a bowl of cereal afterwards.  The cat wanted to share, he put his paw onto the side of the bowl...Yep milk and cereal to clean up.  HoHum, maybe it's a *read all day* day today.  Again.


  1. Oh no what a mess.

    Take it easy today Barb and enjoy your reading.

  2. It is so disheartening to spill something like that--big mess. Send the cat in to see if you got it all! Everyday, I face breaking something or hurting myself because my arms don'work right because of several injuries. Those days, it just does not pay to pick up anything!