Friday, November 5, 2010


I use a lot of onions and so have a few lots growing in different areas of the yard.  I need to get out there and pick them though as a lot of them are starting to go to seed.  A lot of the onions are way big enough and should have been pulled ages ago.  It is a job for this weekend.

One lot of onions grew from a couple of old onions that had sprouted and I planted them in one of the fridge gardens.  They grew and went to seed and heaps of plants grew from the seeds from them old onions.

They smell like onion and taste like onion but they are not round like onions which I find strange as the other onions were grown from seed we collected from last year and they are round and look just like like proper ones.  I don't know why these ones are different and not round but I don't really care as they are a good crop and it means I can use lots and not have to buy any which is what we are aiming for.  Any old sprouting onions will be planted  and hopefully we will never have to buy onions again.  We will let a few of these ones go to seed and see how the next crop turns out.  Even if they all end up with no bottoms the tops will still be able to be used for adding flavour. 

The onions that we grew from seeds we collected from some we grew last year are huge and round and look like real onions.  I will leave a couple that have started flowering so we can collect the seed and see how the third generation turns out.


  1. hi Barb, how is your whizzer going !

  2. Update coming soon I hope. I keep forgetting about it though.


  3. Barb,
    I have determined that I may never have to buy another onion or grow one. Just often enough I get an onion in a box of damaged or old produce for the chickens that I get from a market.Sometimes, the onion has a spot about 1/2" across, nothing to be alarmed about. Immediately, I cut out the spot, chop the onion and put in a bag in the freezer. I know I should be raising onions, but so far, I have not.