Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eat Healthy, Be Healthy.

I am not well again, I have yet another cold.  This would be the 3rd in less than 2 months and I'm pretty sure why.  It's because Hubby has been home and I have been eating more crap food than decent stuff.  And yes, I know I can't really blame him, he doesn't actually hold me down and shove it in but he has been home more days than not over the last 5 weeks and he is a crap food buyer and eater and because it is here I eat the stupid stuff too.  So that makes me stupid aye.  It's not like it is nicer than the healthy fresh stuff.  I mean gosh, melted cheese on WHITE!!! bread.  How is that nicer than a freshly picked orange.  It wasn't, I knew it wouldn't be, I ate it anyway.  Stupid.

He is back at work this week and I am going to be eating nothing but healthy stuff.  I have made up a big pot of lentils and vegetables, I have plenty of eggs, oranges, fish and meat if I want that.  The crap he left here has gone to the chooks, the icecream is out in the shed freezer, my fridge is pure again.

I am having hot lemon and honey drinks today with a couple of  sleeps so by tomorrow I will be feeling up to getting out and doing stuff.  I need to start walking again, that seems to stop when he is home as well.   I think I need to work on self discipline, doesn't look like I have any when he is around...

I have been reading a thread on Fabulous at fifty on the Simple Savings site and the last couple of days I have felt anything but.  Reading other women's thoughts on the subject did get me to throw out some daggy clothes that I no longer like though and I think as I feel better I will get rid of some more.   Eventually, maybe, most of the crappy clothes will be replaced with things that look halfway decent.  That might keep me eating the way I want to as well.  It can't hurt anyway.

I need to get fitter, it will enable me to do heaps more.  Just got to get those bleedin' iron levels up.  I am still working on that.  I need to have more tests next week as the blood test that I had last week shows that they are still too low and the doctor says they need to find out why so they can be fixed, then I will be able walk at a decent pace to get fitter.  So that's another reason that I shouldn't be eating cruddy food.  If I want to be healthy then I think that any food that goes into the body should be healthy.  At least more healthy stuff than cruddy stuff. and now I have made a start again I will stick to it, even when he is home. 

This is why we grow our own food.  So we can have fresh, healthy food every day.  Why I don't stick with that I have no idea. 

Off to have a bowl of soup.  And an orange!

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