Saturday, July 17, 2010


Over the last year or so I have been putting stuff out in Hubbys shed with the intention of having regular garage sales.
I have had 1 garage sale in that time and though I was going to have more for one reason or another they haven't happened.
This morning Hubby wanted to get things organised so he could have his shed back and I was going to take most of the stuff to the op-shop but remembered that L had said they throw a lot of stuff out and she has had a couple of *free garage sales* that were quite successful so I am doing the same. 

I have put a sign out the front saying the stuff was free and loaded up a couple of tables.  We will put more out throughout the week and see what happens.  People have already called in and helped themselves so it is a win-win situation.
What is left will get taken to the op-shop but I will put a notice down at IGA on Monday and see how that works before I do so.  I need to declutter inside as well and this free garage sale will be the first thing I do when I start.

If you need to declutter why not give it a go.


  1. Great idea!
    Mum got a new TV last week and put her old TV with remote taped to the top onto the nature strip. It was gone within the hour. My girlfriend regularly puts out plastic plant pots and plants for people to take.
    We had free items at our last garage sale and people were very surprised. What was not taken was sent to the tip. If people didn't want it for nothing then they wont pay for it at an opshop. I have worked in an opshop and I know how much rubbish they have to pay to have dumped.

  2. hi Barb what a great idea , especially with this beautiful weather ! when we put out our curbside rubbish our neighbours take it all , which is great . if we went to their house we would probably see all our old stuff ! lol