Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brave or A Failure?

Last April school holidays a few family members met down at the Donnybrook playground for a play and lunch.  It was my first visit and though I went on some of the slides and other equipment I was too scared to climb the *rope tower*  I said I'd do it next time.  Well "next time" was a couple of weeks ago.
Was a brave or did I fail?
This time there were *hundreds* more people at the park and kids, and a few adults, were always going up and down this tower and it was sooo tempting...So I talked some of the group into climbing it with me.  Well the two of them made it to the top but I didn't.
So, brave or failure?  I was nearly there but...not quite.
Do you know that when you are really high up something and you tell the kids down below that you are scared and would they please stop making the ropes sway that they think it's funny and sway them more?  Cheeky little sods!

L. is up there encouraging me but I kinda knew that if I kept going my arms were going to give way and I would have fallen back and though there were plenty of kids below me that would have stopped my fall it may have been a tad embarrassing so I gave up.  Next time though...


  1. Lee the truly truly awesomeJuly 24, 2010 at 10:56 PM

    Woo look at me. i am super famous!
    Also, I say you were mightily mightily brave! And also, very sensible. it doesn't count as chickening out if there is a real "weighing up the actual risks" bit. Then it is just plain old sensible. And still, super brave.
    *nods sagely*

  2. Well truly truly awesome Lee, I am now agreeing with you.
    It wasn't a failure but a true success and a great leadup to the next attempt.