Friday, July 23, 2010


 Well, all the healthy eating hasn't made that much difference to how I feel but I did get outside and finally got the Asparagus planted.

A friend dug up his HUGE patch and gave it to me a couple of weeks ago and I then left it sitting in a pile until Wednesday.  Half of it is now planted, in a spot that it shouldn't be but that is why it's taken so long.  The place where we decided to put it needs digging over and it's too hard for me to do and Hubby hasn't yet.  So...because I didn't know where to put it I left it sitting in a pile...

Stop thinking about it and JUST DO IT!  So I did.  I dug over  one of the tank gardens out the back and planted some in that.  These gardens are supposed to be for temporary plants but I have only pinched half of one and no-one will know. 

I have a few small clumps to put somewhere else and will do that this morning.  If they are not in the *right* spot it shouldn't matter too much, at least they will be in with a chance to survive.  I hope I haven't killed it all by leaving it too long.

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